Ji Hye Kim began her musical studies on the piano, voice, and violin, starting at the age of 10. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Vocal Performance at the Eastman School of Music with the Howard Hanson Scholarship and her Master’s degree at the Indiana University Bloomington. Before moving to San Diego, Ji Hye served as a music director at several churches. She also directed a children’s choir of New Song Church where she had been responsible for taking care of the students, communicating with the parents, rehearsing and conducting works, and planning concerts. The experience helped her develop skills in coordinating a large group of young people and directing their energies to the common goal. Ji Hye has been teaching students aging from preschool to adult. Through teaching various young and adult students, she has learned how to design age-appropriate lesson plans tailored to the state’s standard course of study, implement behavior modification plans, and differentiate lessons based on various ability levels. The main goal of Ji Hye’s teaching is to inspire students to have an excitement and interest in learning music and instill a fundamental knowledge of music and guide young singers to sing in a safe and productive way.

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