My son took piano and guitar lessons with Nathan for 8 years (from 8 years to 15 years). I have so many positive things to say about Nathan I was not even sure where to start! But I will start by stating that Nathan is a wonderful teacher, not only because he taught my son the mechanics behind playing both the piano and guitar, but also because he introduced music theory along the way. Thanks to Nathan's teachings, my son has been one of the main piano accompanists for his High School choir. My son would still be taking lessons with Nathan had Nathan not moved out of the area. Nathan has made a huge positive impact and I would highly recommend him to anyone needing lessons, whether in person or remotely.

Stefania DeArment

I have known Sally personally and professionally for several years and hired her company for Guitar Lessons. As a business owner, she is truly passionate about music and the impact that it has for both children and adults. Not only is she a musician, but she also has a talent for selecting professional instructors that mimic her company culture and vision. I would recommend Sally Piano Music To anyone who is looking for either in person or online instrumental lessons.

INFUSE theory

My oldest child first took lessons from Sally 15 years ago and now my youngest (3rd) is playing piano, too. Sally Piano Music (Musikey) has grown tremendously in that time but the personal touch and attention to detail remains. The convenience of having a teacher come to my home for lessons is a big help. The annual recital is well organized and a great showcase for the progress the students make as well as giving them performance exposure.

Michael Engle

My son is learning ukulele with Ms. Margie from Musikey (former Sally Piano Music). She is the kindest and most patient teacher I have met. Ms. Margie always responds to my son's questions (he has a million of them), and always tries to guide the question to a music or ukulele related conversation. She encourages and inspires little kid deep from her heart with the most sincerity. She customizes the choice of music pieces to attract my son's interest. We all love her and look forward to her lesson every week.

Wei Wei

Stu Shames is my son's piano teacher. He is kind, talented and understanding. I am pleased with my son's progress since he began lessons (particularly when comparing the experience to my own childhood lessons...) Sally is communicative and provides excellent teachers.

Aaron Wells

A great music schools! The school operation is quite efficient, and the lessons scheduled are very thoughtful! My daughter loves opera and piano. She was firstly instructed by Michiru from this March. Michiru is an excellent & professional instructor, genuinely nice, my daughter has improved a lot in her singing & piano playing. Due to suffering the heavy traffic on a long drive to the downtown studio, my daughter is now instructed by Mary, nicely, excellent & professional as well, doing lessons in home. She enjoys the music lessons very much! Thanks Sally!

Joanna Zhao

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