Located east of Los Angeles, Riverside County is a lesser-known but very important region in southern California. Known for its citrus produce, colorful history, and series of national landmark attractions, Riverside County is a thriving area loved by residents and tourists alike.

It’s also a buzzing musical hub away from the “big city” hustle. Well-known musicians from Riverside County include Etta James, Amy Lee (Evanescence), Billy Vera, The Misunderstood, Henry Bogdan (Helmet), Alien Ant Farm, and The Bellrays.

There’s a large music scene in Riverside, from underground indie artists to large-scale live concerts at local venues. If you’re looking for a way to pick up music lessons in Riverside County, there are plenty of skilled, music-loving instructors to choose from.

The Best Music Classes in Riverside County

You’ll find the best music training opportunities from Musikey: a passionate community of highly qualified instructors in Riverside County and beyond. No matter what instrument or technique you want to learn, there’s sure to be something for you!

Musikey sets you or your child on the path of music learning that will last a lifetime. Whether you already have a musical background or consider yourself tone-deaf, there’s an instructor who can teach you to master the instrument of your choice.

Music Lessons in Riverside, CA: Beginner to Advanced

For a meaningful and fulfilling music training experience, in-person lessons are a great option. Young students get to practice hands-on learning under careful guidance from their instructor. Adults who may be new to music or returning from a hiatus get to choose their favorite music style as they learn in ways that suit their personal goals.

Musikey has been serving Riverside County for decades, and we have a tight-knit team of instructors throughout every city. Click the location near you to find a music teacher today!

Riverside Music Teachers for Private Lessons

Private music lessons give students an encouraging space to improve their skills over time. With tailored lessons, personal instruction, and helpful feedback, instructors help students of all ages and abilities progress through the building blocks of learning a new instrument.

Musikey brings private lessons directly to you in Riverside county, whether you want to learn at home, in a teacher’s studio, or online. You shouldn’t have to travel far to access quality music instruction! We’ll help you find the best option today.

Riverside County Music Instructors

Kick out the jams with one of our selected music instructors in Riverside County. Learn a new style or advance your favorite technique! All it takes is the willingness to start.


Riverside County In-Home Music Lessons

There are many benefits of learning music at home, including easy scheduling, greater accessibility, and in-depth personal focus. Learning music has never been easier!


Riverside County Online Music Classes

Online music lessons are another great option and provide a wider variety of instructors to choose from. Many students thrive from virtual music instruction!


Learn the Music You Love, Your Way

My daughter takes piano lessons through MusiKey and we have been extremely happy! My daughter looks forward to her music lessons each week. She has made great progress and her teacher, Gali, is patient and sweet. Would highly recommend.

Chava Simon

My son has been working with MusiKey on piano for over 3 years now and it has been a great pleasure listening to all the things they’ve taught him. there is a great variety of instructors that were able to teach my son piano and even help him relearn the saxophone. The instructors are very nice and my son praises them a lot. I love hearing the things he has learned from The MusiKey program.

Tuyen Duong

We found Sally Piano a year ago for my daughter's piano and voice lessons, it was one of our best decisions so far. Sally is very helpful and accommodated us with many talented instructors and convenient home studios we can choose from. We are very happy and my daughter can't wait for her second recital in February 8th! Thank you so much Sally!

Sarah Wood

My son has been with Sally Piano Music for 1 1/2 years now. I'm happy with his progress with teacher Brenda, who is very patient and experienced. I'm amazed how he is now knowledgeable in playing piano . I'm glad that they organize 3 recitals in a school year where kids can have fun and show their musical skills to everyone. We highly recommend Sally Piano Music .

Gi A

Sally is a very professional and caring individual. She truly cares for the happiness of the children. She has the child's best interest at heart at I admire her for that. Sally thank you for all you are doing for my family! Can't wait to put my daughter in lessons when she is old enough!

Christian Astorga

Custom Music Lessons for Riverside Locals

When you use Musikey to get started with music lessons, you get the best of the best. We match every student with their ideal music teacher that takes into account goals, schedules, learning styles, and age. Since we know every instructor and get to know each student, the learning experience is customized and intentional. Think of it like a match made in Stairway to Heaven.

Musikey isn’t a regular music program — we’re a professional music tutoring referral agency committed to bringing our students the best, most engaging experiences. You won’t have to sign lengthy contracts, commit to a rigid learning model, or go through monotonous classes. We help you unlock your full musical potential while having fun!

Musikey: Start Learning Music

Get started with an instructor you’ll love: one who’s been pre-screened and personally selected by the owners of Musikey. Then, enjoy your music-learning journey from start to finish, no matter how far you want to take it.

There’s no music training experience like Musikey, and it’s the best place to start in Riverside County. Students see great improvement in their music skills, as well as increased confidence, and a greater love for music of various styles and eras.

To find an instructor, give us a call or explore our website. You can search by instrument, location, or lesson type. You don’t have to sign a long-term contract — all lessons are offered on a month-to-month basis, making it easy for students and instructors to enjoy ideal musical learning.

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