Kostyantyn was born in Ukraine, but grew up in San Diego, CA. He was learning piano and violin before deciding to pick up guitar in fifth grade. Kostyantyn is currently active as a solo artist under the pseudonym iamnotok and in three metal bands as a vocalist and songwriter for Zero South and bass guitarist for Mandala and Final Vice. He takes inspiration from many genres of music for his original songs. Kostyantyn is a graduate of UC San Diego’s Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts (ICAM) major, where he learned about recording and music technology and even developed a prototype multi-effects pedal. He was also a board member of the Musicians’ Club at UCSD, where he regularly performed a wide variety of songs with other collegiate musicians. Kostyantyn has been teaching for over 5 years and likes to teach most styles of guitar playing. He primarily has experience playing rock and progressive metal, but also has experience playing classical music. Kostyantyn is a laid-back instructor that wants to get to know his students’ musical interests so that he can best help them develop the skills and techniques needed to play their favorite music. Kostyantyn has over a dozen guitars and basses suited for the different types of music he plays, and he enjoys picking up new hobbies and learning new things regularly.

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