Margie’s teaching career began at age 7, when she gave piano lessons to her 14-year-old brother. She began teaching full-time 30 years ago. She’s had experience with all kinds of music learners, of all ages, and she develops lesson plans to spark the unique interests of her students. She enjoys doing customized arrangements and is flexible about teaching material. Margie plays a number of other instruments in addition to piano: guitar, organ, Russian gusli, and hammer dulcimer. She studied piano, organ, conducting, and pedagogy, on 3 scholarships, at UCSB, SDSU, USD, and Shenandoah Conservatory. Margie is a life member of the national music honor society, TRI-M, having served as chapter president in high school. Currently she is an active member of the National Federation of Music Clubs, a teachers’ organization.

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