Nate teaches piano and guitar lessons and plays classical piano and rock guitar. He began taking piano lessons at age 6, and in his early teens taught himself to play guitar. Before acquiring his Bachelor of Music from Temple University in 2011, he had also begun to hone his vocal, drum, and bass skills. He is a recent Pennsylvania transplant, and has spent his time since graduating instructing private piano, guitar, bass, and ukulele lessons. Nate is a seasoned performer and songwriter and has played in various original and cover bands throughout the last fifteen years. His teaching style provides a well- rounded musical training founded on the backbone of music theory. His students are encouraged to choose much of their own material, and an emphasis is placed on ensemble play, musical thinking, ear training, and other concepts that strive to make music a more meaningful part of the student’s life. Nate is classically trained, and rock educated.

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