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Beach scenery in La Jolla County California

San Diego is an amazing county filled with all kinds of music, art, and culture. The music scene varies from intimate blues clubs, an amazing symphony, some of the nation’s top theatres, an opera house, and a history of pop and rock artists making their grand start right in its cafes. It does not matter what your aspirations are or what genre you are most interested in, San Diego has every niche form of music you could imagine and with it the professionals who can pass that knowledge along to their pupils.

Our instructors in La Jolla area come from all sorts of backgrounds and some are still actively involved in their respective scenes. Whether they are playing in a small jazz club in North Park after a long day of teaching lessons, or working in a sound studio with an orchestra on a score for a new Sony video game after talking with their student about how they got their big start with the Youth Symphony, or on a stage as a rock singer at Earth Fest where they waved down at their students from their platform, or in a production at the Old Globe or La Jolla Playhouse after they have sung all day with their own pupils, our instructors in La Jolla area are active and connected and bring their experiences to the table when they teach.

If you live in La Jolla and looking to find the best instructor, we can help! Let us help you become the next generation of practitioners and enthusiasts. Give us a call today to get your trial lesson set up with one of our instructors in La Jolla.

Meet a few of our instructors in the La Jolla area!

Miguel Z.

"Miguel is a flute and keyboard player based in the Tri City Area around Vista, CA, where they coach at Aviara Oaks Middle School, and are currently pursuing an associates degree in flute performance at Mira Costa College, under the teaching of Dr. Elena Yarritu. They began their musical journey at age 12, picking up flute in the Aviara Oaks Middle School band, they accomplished what they could by practicing hard until high school, when they began to study under their first teacher, and around the same time, began to rediscover their love for piano under a new piano teacher as well. Since then, Miguel has pushed hard to become proficient in their two main instruments, also stopping along the way to tidy up their skills in mallet percussion, drums, and voice, from their past experience in percussion and vocal ensembles. They have had many opportunities to play with and perform in masterclasses for renowned artists such as Steve Kujala, Ian Clarke, Brian Pezzone, Julien Beaudiment, and more. Miguel thoroughly enjoys teaching and coaching people of all ages, helping anyone to discover where their musical interests lie, and helping uncover the hidden talents of their students. They incorporate elements of music theory, concepts from other instrumental disciplines, a healthily diverse selection of music and musical concepts, and their students' personal interests into their flute and piano lessons. Miguel is looking to help in any way they can, and broaden the understanding and appreciation of music for all of their students."

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Miguel Z.

San Diego County

  • Piano.
  • Flute.
  • Music Theory.