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Chariot statue in Temecula County California

San Diego is an amazing county filled with all kinds of music, art, and culture. The music scene varies from intimate blues clubs, an amazing symphony, some of the nation’s top theatres, an opera house, and a history of pop and rock artists making their grand start right in its cafes. It does not matter what your aspirations are or what genre you are most interested in, San Diego has every niche form of music you could imagine and with it the professionals who can pass that knowledge along to their pupils.

Our instructors in Temecula area come from all sorts of backgrounds and some are still actively involved in their respective scenes. Whether they are playing in a small jazz club in North Park after a long day of teaching lessons, or working in a sound studio with an orchestra on a score for a new Sony video game after talking with their student about how they got their big start with the Youth Symphony, or on a stage as a rock singer at Earth Fest where they waved down at their students from their platform, or in a production at the Old Globe or La Jolla Playhouse after they have sung all day with their own pupils, our instructors in Temecula area are active and connected and bring their experiences to the table when they teach.

If you live in Temecula and looking to find the best instructor, we can help! Let us help you become the next generation of practitioners and enthusiasts. Give us a call today to get your trial lesson set up with one of our instructors in Temecula.

Meet a few of our instructors in the Temecula area!

Gary B.

Gary began his life’s journey in music at twelve years old when he was installed as the accompanist for his church’s senior choir and even though he did not pursue music as a career, choosing work in public service in education and human resources, music has been a constant presence as an avocation, calling, passion used to enable inner peace, and now, livelihood. Gary brings years of experience playing in cover bands, directing small ensembles for stage productions, supporting vocalist, as well as providing music in restaurants, lounges, and clubs throughout central Pennsylvania. Throughout his life, he has served as lead keyboardist in various worship ensembles for congregations utilizing selections from the song books of both contemporary Christian and black gospel genres. A cherished designation for Gary in recent years was as an Artist in Residence for the Milton Hershey Medical Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania providing music for patients, staff, and various events at the hospital. Before leaving Pennsylvania, he had been serving as worship pastor for a medium sized congregation coordinating nearly fifty instrumentalists and singers charged with providing worship for three services each weekend. Gary now combines his love for the piano, his gift for working with people of all ages, and his passion for all types of music, with a deep commitment to equip a new generation of players for the future demands for the music marketplace. Gary is looking to equip keyboardists for bands not yet formed, prepare musicians for congregations not yet planted, or prepare someone for the tasteful accompaniment for an engagement in the future by a vocalist.

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Gary B.

San Diego County

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